Issue One

What you are holding in your hands is a first-class piece of work by a Grade A artist. Please treat it with respect!

This is not-an-editorial, because for one thing we aren't editors - we wouldn't dare try to tell Bryan what to do in this comic! - and for another thing there really isn't very much to say. We reckon this work speaks for itself. The idea of trying to tell you, the reader, all about it is awful.

When you've read it, and then re-read it, and then checked for things that you might have missed the first few times, perhaps you'd like to write in and tell us what we ought to be saying? Then we don't have this problem next issue. We can just print a letter column. All we then have to worry about is what to call that... and with a bit of luck someone out there will suggest that as well.

So what are you reading this for anyhow? Go on, be brave. Dive into the first page.