Issue Two

We are privileged to be able to bring before the public the second issue of Mr. Bryan Talbot's graphic novel in this, its first appearance in a comics format. The generality of response to the first issue has been of such enthusiasm as to encourage both the publishers and the artist to believe that the work as a whole should enjoy a considerable success, both in Great Britain and abroad.

Mr. Talbot's talent as an artist has long been known Amongst the comic reading fraternity in Great Britain, though perhaps less widely recognised overseas. His narrative ability has been less obviously displayed in his previous publications; this omission is here made good, in an opus composed and executed by himself alone. It is a matter for considerable pride to his publishers that we have been able to make THE ADVENTURES OF LUTHER ARKWRIGHT available at this time so that Mr. Talbot can be judged more fully and fairly by the public at large. We are confident that such ]udgement can only be ultimately favourable.

In the course of his researches into Luther Arkwright Mr. Talbot has been fortunate in having had access to a large body of previously unknown material, which has also shed light on the character and history of various famous contemporaries and adjutants of Arkwright. One notable figure, the Russian freedom fighter Octobriana, has been the object of research by Trina Robbins; with the gracious consent of its Author we purpose to include in the text pages of Issue Three of our comic a short monograph by this Lady on the subject of Octobriana. It is our feeling that the new view this gives upon one of Arkwright's more important assistants may enhance our Readers' enjoyment of the main narrative.

In the meantime, you now have access, through the pages you hold, to information concerning an important chapter in the History of Europe: the Signing of the Treaty of St. Petersburg; a story whose inner workings have never previously been revealed in their entirety.

We beg to remain your humble and obedient servants;

(Signed) C. Bell

For the Publishers