Issue Three

We have found ourselves in receipt of a large number of letters from the Public at large, some of which are reproduced in these pages, and many of our correspondents have expressed an interest in the publishing history of Mr. Talbot's "Luther Arkwright" series. We therefore, after consultation with the Author, felt emboldened to assume a general interest existing in these matters.

The first appearance of Luther Arkwright took place in November 1976, in a seven-page strip in Brainstorm Comix' "Mixed Bunch" #1, for Alchemy Publications. Mr. Talbot refuses all inducements to permit of this strip being re-printed, from which circumstance we can deduce that his representation of Arkwright has improved during the course of the intervening decade. This strip does not form part of the central narrative.

In 1978 the first portion of Arkwright's adventures appeared in "Near Myths", for five issues, at the end of which time the magazine ceased production. The story was taken up again in "Pssst!" in 1981, and in 1982 the entire work thus far was published in one volume, "Book 1: Rat-Trap", by Never Ltd., and there it rested.

In May 1984, a Luther Arkwright gaming scenario, unique to "Imagine", appeared in "Imagine" #14.

In 1987 Valkyrie Press undertook to publish the Complete Adventures of Luther Arkwright, as a nine-issue comic. The complete story will also appear in three Books: Book I, Rat-Trap, as previously mentioned; Book II, Transfiguration, out now; Book III, Gotterdammerüng, will come out later this year.

The Books and the Comics contain the same material in different formats, arranged thus: Book I = Comics 1 - 4, Book II = Comics 5-7½, Book III = Comics 7½- 9.

We hope this brief explanation has clarified any points you may have found to be puzzling you.

On a different matter, we must once more take occasion to extend our thanks to Trina Robbins for her masterful exposition printed within these covers, and to wish her every success in her future researches, into these and other matters.

We shall not delay you further from your enjoyment of this, our third issue, but remain, your humble servants

(Signed) C. Bell

For the Publishers