Issue Four

Once more it is our privilege to bring before you, the public, a further section in the History of Mr. Luther Arkwright,as it has been so capably depicted, and well narrated, by Mr. Bryan Talbot. Those Readers who have followed this History from its very beginnings will no doubt recognise that this episode contains the last of that material previously published in book format by a different publisher in the early part of the decade as "Book 1: Rat-Trap". As from next issue, Mr. Talbot is breaking new ground; the material soon to be released as the forthcoming issues of this comic is also available from Valkyrie Press as "Book II: Transfiguration" at this time, in a book format to match the previously issued volume.

One instance further to our publishing history of last issue has come to our attention: Mr. Bryan Talbot with Mr. Chris Welch colloborated in 1979 to produce a four page strip anent Luther Arkwright, which was published in Moon Comics #3, and reprinted, in Killing Stroke #3 in 1986. We apologise for our omittance of this strip from our previous listing in issue #3 of this comic.

It was entitled "For A Few Gallons More".

At this present time of writing, Mr. Talbot has agreed to emerge from the privacy of his studio in order that he may make selected Public Appearances in the British Isles during the next few weeks; for the greater convenience of such of our Readership as may wish to make hIs acquaintance at some one of the occasions where he expects to be present, an entire list of his projected engagements has been printed on the back cover of this issue of his Work. We understand that he will consent on these occasions to affix his signature to copies of his various Works in Print, which should be obtainable in the various establishments in which Mr. Talbot will be to be found. He wishes to assure those readers who are of a nervous disposition that his rat will not sit in its accustomed place on his shoulder during signing sessions, since it might be unable to cope with public attention in such crowded circumstances.

Having made so bold as to draw your attention to Bryan Talbot's forthcoming personal appearances, we now step back into our accustomed obscurity, and leave you with this our humble offering on the altar to artistic good taste and to literary decorum, remaining your servants

(Signed) C. Bell

For the Publishers