Issue Five

Mr. Talbot has requested us that through the medium of the Editorial Column of this publication we should now convey to his Readers Mr. Talbot's gratification as to the success of his recent Tour in these Islands, which information we therefore take considerable pleasure in disseminating here. For it cannot but be a source of satisfaction equally to his Publisher as to the Artist that those who are Readers in our Pages should be such persons as it is profitable to meet, in that both must to some extent be judged by those who choose our Work. We must therefore offer our sincere thanks both on Mr. Talbot's behalf and for our own part, to every one who made a contribution, however insignificant it may have appeared to themselves, towards Mr. Talbot's presently buoyant aspect.

As was observed in the previous issue of this presentation of Mr. Talbot's Work, with issue #5 of our comic series we embark upon material which, whilst it has of course already appeared under our imprint in book form under the title of "The Adventures of Luther Arkwright Book II: Transfiguration", had not until this present year of grace been available for your perusal. We are obliged to make clear to our Readers that the contents of the present and forthcoming issues of the comic and the contents of the two forthcoming Books, II and III, will be (whilst not identical) similar to a very great extent. The story is essentially unaltered in almost every respect, although the order in which Mr. Talbot has decided it should appear has in some cases been to a very small extent adjusted with an eye to preferable narrative flow in one or the other Medium. This should not detract in any major respect from the pleasure any of our Readers may find in their researches into these matters.

We have further to comment that it is evident from the advance order figures provided us by our Distributors, Titan of London, that we and you are not alone in that opinion of "The Adventures of Luther Arkwright", which has been demonstrated by our producing as by your purchasing of this comic, and which has been the Occasion for its presentation before the Public. Our good taste has been vindicated considerably by the information we now make bold to share with out loyal Readership, that a larger number of other discerning Persons are buying our little offering with each succeeding issue. Titan Distributors, Valkyrie Press, and your good selves, in proportion as we have variously contributed to causing this Work of Mr. Talbot's to reach its deservedly more universal acknowledgement as excellent, have plentiful cause for mutual congratulation.

(Signed) C. Bell

For the Publishers