Issue Seven

Since in this issue of Mr. Talbot's Work, Bryan occupies the entire area of the Interior of the Comic, with his continuing Narrative, even including the inside of the back coverin his Scope, it has become incumbent on us to include, in this Editorial Column, all such Matters as might, in a publication less crowded with Art, have found space for inclusion in some other Page. We must therefore curtail our own enthusiasm for this issue, merely remarking that it has integral to it pages of Mr. Talbot's Art which have never before appeared in any Published form, and progress at once to other matters perhaps of more Practical albeit of less Esoteric interest to our Readers.

Those persons, who still lack copies of earlier issues of "The Adventures of Luther Arkwright" in comic form, may obtain such (with the exception of issue #1, which we are no longer in a position to supply), at a charge of 60 pence Sterling per comic for copies to be posted within the United Kingdom, 85 pence Sterling for those to be sent Surface Mail abroad, and £1.10 Sterling for those to be posted Air Mail abroad: this includes the charge for Postage and Packing in all cases. We also have copies of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright Book II: Transfiguration the trade paperback, at a price of £5 in the UK, £7 Surface Mail overseas, £7.50 Air Mail overseas. Payment for these items should be by Cheque or Money Order endorsed to CHRIS BELL, and directed to [address redacted] with a detailed order. We also accept advance orders for issues eight and nine forthcoming.

Any other items of merchandise, such as copies of the first Book, Rat-Trap or T-shirts, as advertised in the pages of our issue #5, are available only from [address redacted] and all correspondence relating to these items, should be sent to that address.

Trusting that these informations are of assistance, we once more remain, your humble and obedient servants

(Signed) C. Bell

For the Publishers