Issue Eight

It is with inexpressible pride that we inform you, our Readership, of what must surely be the most Auspicious event in the history of our publishing house. We have to report, that, at a ceremony which took place on the twenty-fifth day of September, in the year of Our Lord nineteen hundred and eighty eight, this present publication, together with its only Fount and Originator Mr Bryan Talbot, were honoured to be in receipt of no less than four Eagle Awards, in the British section of this ballot: those for Favourite New Comic, for Favourite Cover, for Favourite Character, and for Favourite Artist; and further, that they gained nominations for the Award in four other categories: for Favourite Continuing Series, for Favourite Comic, for Favourite Writer, and for the International Roll of Honour, reserved for those who, in the estimation of the Comic reading Public of the four Realms of this United Kingdom, have made the greatest contribution over the course of the years to the advancement of the Comics Medium.

It has been reported to us, that upon no previous occasion has a single individual, unassisted by any Other in the production of his Work, in one year achieved so great a number of Eagle Awards and nominations. We do not doubt that this may well be the case; and we feel that such acknowlegement of Mr. Talbot's Art, which is nonpareil in his chosen Field, must be seen as no more than what is due and fitting. Nevertheless, it is obviously also incumbent upon us at this juncture, both to congratulate and to profer thanks to you, our Readers, without whose encouragement Mr. Talbot might have become discouraged from continuing his Work.

In view of so much proper enthusiasm, we wish also to announce that our nebulous intention, that on the completion of "The Adventures of Luther Arkwright"'s main narrative we should publish another issue of the comic (as mooted in the Editorial Column of our issue #6) is clarified and hardened into a resolve definitely so to do. In view of which, we make bold to suggest that if after perusal of the entire production you our Readers find yourselves with questions remaining as yet unresolved in your minds you should not hesitate to advance such questions to us in Epistolatory form for our attention and for possible inclusion in our Epilogue.

Having made which suggestion for your consideration, I beg once more to remain, your obedient servant

(Signed) C. Bell

For the Publishers