Issue Nine

With this issue of The Adventures of Luther Arkwriqht, we come to the conclusion of Mr Talbot's prosopography which has moved us all during its course to the height and to the depth of so much and so varied emotion. We must now obsecrate you, the Readers, that you also may contribute towards the completion of the Cycle: it is our intent that the tenth issue in comics format shall contain such Matter, as explanation from Mr. Talbot of those points which may paradventure have remained obscure during the course of previous issues, and for the furtherance of this intent we must needs inquire, what is deemed by our Readers to be in need of elucidation. We also invite your critical essays and dissertations, of whatever length, on the main body of the work as it now stands completed, for the edification both of ourselves and of other Readers to these pages.

We must not lay aside our quills without acknowledging the assistance given, in this issue, by the noteworthy cult illustrator Mr John Coulthard, whose delineations adapted from the occult writings of Mr. H.P. Lovecraft will, it is to be hoped, achieve the recognition which they so richly deserve, in the not too distant future, and who kindly consented to act as Representitive for Hiram Kowalsky, the Foreign Correspondent of the New Amsterdam Herald, whose artistic efforts being ephemeral were unavailable, in this parallel, for our use as as we went to print. We feel assured that our Readers will feel with Us that Mr Coulthard has proved to be a more than adequate substitute on this occasion.

In conclusion, we wish to thank all of you who have in the course of the last few months lent us your support in our venture, whether by writing to us or by sending in your own artistic efforts for our enjoyment; unless we were but the meanest ingrates, we could not fail of expressing our gratitude to all who have encouraged us by whatever means, and urged us towards the completion of this our labour. In addition, we as publishers are indebted to Mr. Talbot for making available the fruits of his imaginative and artistic prowess to us all, and we feel that we are not alone in wishing to express to him our very sincere thanks for The Adventures of Luther Arkwright.

We have greatly enjoyed the past few months, and it is with a certain regret that I sign myself for the final time, your most obedient servant

(Signed) C. Bell

For the Publishers